The foundation of the fiduciary process is simply to always do what is in the best interest of the client. Put another way, we put your interests ahead of our own. Chris' certification as an Accredited Investment Fiduciary™ (AIF®) prepares the Chancery Financial team in the use of the most relevant tools, techniques and information to help each client reach long-term goals.

Benefits of implementing the process
The benefits of implementing the fiduciary process are many, and are focused on the goal of providing better advice and management of client assets over the long-term. Some of these benefits include:

  • Clarity of the client's long-term investment goals
  • Potential for more competitive long-term investment returns based on proper asset allocation
  • Transparency of the portfolio manager's processes
  • Avoidance of market timing

Download: The Benefits of Choosing An AIF® Designee

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Organizations Can Also Benefit
The tools that we use to advise individuals can be applied to organizations and provide unique benefits to the group that does so, especially those that have a built-in fiduciary requirement such as a non-profit. Chancery Financial can act as a trained partner to help the organization mitigate risk in the application of it's duties as the ultimate Steward.

In taking on an outside fiduciary advisor like Chancery Financial an organization can oftentimes increase it's reputation and standing in the eyes of the group most important to it's success: the professionals, and other civic organizations in it's community. We can provide the following services:

  • Fiduciary reviews of investment committees and process
  • Fiduciary reviews of Investment Policy Statements
  • Portfolio design and management services
  • Manager of managers

Overview of the Process
Below is a summary of the fiduciary process that we use to manage client portfolios and to make recommendations on a client's outside investments. The process gets more detailed as we go through the steps from the Fiduciary Quality Management System and finish up at Due Diligence Screens for Investment Managers. For the full explanation of the process download the graphical look at the link below.

Download: Click here for a detailed graphical look at the Fiduciary Practices and Processes

Fiduciary Quality Management System
These five steps outline the overall process applied to investment decision-making and management.

Global Fiduciary Precepts
These seven general principles are applied to the entire investment process.

Asset Allocation Variables
These five steps determine the type and percent of each of the investments in portfolios

Due Diligence Screens for Investment Managers
These nine steps are used to select the specific investment in each portfolio.


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